Immigration to Britain

The immigration program to Britain by establishing a branch of a company in which a program is directed to senior companies managers (division managers) who work in the offices of the parent company in its home country, provided that the manager has long experience at the company’s headquarters and wants to establish a branch for this company inside Britain .

This type of immigration gives you residency for 3 years and 4 months; extendable to two years and then applying for permanent residence. After 5 years have passed since the actual residency within Britain and the period of obtaining permanent residence for at least one year has passed, you can apply for British citizenship (terms and conditions apply).

The advantages and benefits of establishing a corporate branch in Britain


  • Enrollment of the husband / wife, children under the age of 18, in the application
  • The right to free education for children under the age of 18
  • Full enjoyment of labor rights in Britain for a husband or wife
  • Obtaining permanent residence in Britain that leads to the possibility of applying for a British passport by applying the terms and conditions related to British law
  • Obtaining the right to health insurance (annual fees)
  • The right to enter 185 countries without issuing a visa to these countries upon obtaining British citizenship
  • Enjoying the rights of justice and equality for residents of Britain


Requirements and conditions for qualifying for a residence in Britain for the founders of a foreign company branch in Britain

There are several conditions and requirements for obtaining residence in Britain for investors through the program of establishing a branch of a foreign company in Britain – residence in Britain, where the applicant must:

Director specifications

  • Experience: To have a long experience and deep knowledge in the nature of the work of the parent company in which he works
  • The company: That he has been employed in the parent company and works in its main headquarters located in its home country outside Britain
  • Position: To have a senior position from the senior managers of the parent company (division manager)
  • Ownership: not to be a partner or own a stake in the (main) parent company
  • Objective: To establish a UK company branch for a company based outside Britain
  • Position in Britain: The manager has the authority and authority to make operational decisions for the company and business system
  • English: pass the A1 level at least in the English language test (listening and speaking)

Company specifications

  • To be a real commercial project by proving the actual presence of the company
  • Determined to establish a company branch in Britain and to prepare all requirements related to incorporation
  • Provide details of the business plan for the company’s commercial activity to be established in Britain
  • The headquarters of the parent company shall be outside Britain, with no intention to relocate them in any way inside Britain
  • That the business tasks and activities of the company to be established in Britain are the same for the parent company outside Britain

The costs required to obtain residence in Britain for the founders of a foreign company branch in Britain

  • Visa costs: £ 610 / person
  • Health insurance: £ 400 / person / annually (total of £ 1,400 for the duration of the stay)
* Other fees are added. All fees are subject to change without prior notice.

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